The Caroline dynasty

The Caroline dynasty began to organize the cavalry team in order to deal with the Arab cavalry. In order to reward the cavalry’s exploits, the confiscation of the church land as a reward. This is also the feudal system of the replica watches uk military level of a significant meaning of the origin.

Feudal rights and obligations

Vassal in the feudal get the protection of the lord, where their life, reputation, property is threatened, the lord has the obligation to protect. The lord can not act on the vassal of its rights, otherwise the vassal can claim a termination of the relationship. This could lead to war, which is also one of the replica watches reasons why the feudal system is solid. And if there is a violation of the feudal system of law, there is the right to claim the same status of the vassal group formed a jury, to adjudicate this case. The lord can not judge it alone, which is the origin of the jury system in the future.

The vassal obligation is to provide lords for military services, and serfs and knights are constituent elements of the feudal manor. But the two work is very different, the serf is responsible for the production, knight is to defend the manor. And if it is multiple sub-closure, the lord of their lords have the same obligations. Sometimes for the lords have economic assistance, usually feudal society nobility does not pay taxes, but they still have to be in the war when the lords have financial assistance.

The rights and obligations of the lords

The lord can become a guardian when he is a minor. Can also control the vassal marriage rights, as vassal parents. You can also confiscate the fief and then subcontract.

Constitutive factors of feudal system

The feudal system is not just the seizure of the land, the king at the same time some of the sovereignty of the country to exercise the feudal lords. Such as justice, finance, military and so on. Because the land has rolex replica become a private property, the state has begun to become private property. In principle, the king or the state as a starting point, but the feudal lords get power is not because the king’s approval, but the land ownership. So that the power of the state to the hands of private hands; local government forces began to huge; political power split. This is mainly due to the collapse of the Canaan dynasty can not effectively control the local government’s sake.



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