This kind of market

This kind of market economy governance strategy, and today’s socialist integration has not yet completed, how in the market economy system, taking into account the already vulnerable groups of farmers, promote the swiss replica watches “three rural reform”, will be a great challenge to the existing regime The This challenge for the Republic, it is “life unbearable weight”, give up stability, give up the happiness of the people, it is easy to once again promote more in-depth market economy reform; take into account the farmers, to achieve national happiness will naturally restrain the market economy free development, Promote the fairness of resource allocation. Based on this, we need to carefully look at and do the “three rural” reform this matter.
Today, China will carry out land reform, to achieve the separation of people and land, I want to say is that people can be separated, the problem lies in what time separation and how to separate; do not meet the law, do not meet the objective requirements of the subjective push, will produce disaster. In my view, today’s “three rural” policy should be ripe, should go with the flow, should make a system of security, should have institutional arrangements, should first expand jobs, the first fair allocation of resources, and then farmers Into the city to rolex replica promote the job; rather than random, radical, blind, arbitrary drive upstairs and cheap land acquisition.

I am in the name of the farmers, the proposed government, “not widowed and uneven”, lost the burden of farmers development, destined not a comprehensive development. Today’s China has come to replica watches uk a closer look at the “gap between rich and poor”, especially the “urban and rural gap”, “class gap” an important stage, and hundreds of millions of farmers in any case will be difficult to bypass the current reform of a Hom



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