A series of

A series of purchase policy invisible stimulus to the potential purchasing power. In the past, as long as the money can be purchased, but in the purchase policy, the purchase of qualified but has become a scarce than the previous resources, according to market rules, the more scarce resources more valuable, so part of the wait-and-see potential buyers in the scarcity Stimulated to make a purchase decision.

2, in the past real estate policy to change overnight sequelae. China’s real estate experienced many rounds of regulation, but every time the control policy has not been a long continuation. Repeatedly appear yesterday to suppress the price, not long on the one hundred and eighty degrees turn, introduced a series of policies in fact connivance of housing prices. A tie a loose, cycle, house prices also continue to rise with the spiral. This round of regulation by the previous series of control cycle of the impact, resulting in many buyers expected after this round of rolex replica regulation, once the loose, house prices will retaliate. For example, recently introduced a ten-year sale of the policy, how can this policy can adhere to ten years? I was more skeptical. The lack of continuity of real estate regulation and control not only seriously affect the credibility of the government, more serious that can be said to be one of the promoter of rising prices.

3, the real estate interests of the overall game. China ‘s real estate business after decades of capital accumulation, already have replica watches uka considerable size and strength, with the strength of the assembly, the overall formation of a huge interest groups. Real estate regulation and control involved in the core interests of real estate developers, as long as they do not appear a big crisis, they are destined to be a bit reckless.
Of course, in addition to the above three obvious reasons, local finance, bank loans, interest groups and other factors are virtually affected by this round of real estate control effect.

The central economic work conference held at the end of last year put forward that “the house is used to replica watches live, not used to fry”, with strong practical relevance and guidance. I firmly believe that Comrade Xi Jinping as the core of the party’s determination and well-intentioned, at the same time, “the rise and fall of the country, every man is responsible”, the author of the real estate regulation is also a few suggestions:



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