Cities i

Cities in the world are followed by a single urban development model, the city has always maintained a flat, vertical chaos of replica watches uk space characteristics. Road house is one of the traditional road building separation of the upgraded version of the pattern, but also the inevitable trend of China’s urban development.

The road building in one depth to explore the complex development potential of urban land, the road construction and building the underlying aerial construction process integration, 50% of the residential building built on top of the city road, and the formation of “ground road driving, Construction of residential, underground construction of integrated corridor “and so on a multi-purpose building a new model, which has been plagued by land resources shortage of the city into a new development momentum, opened up a need to increase the replica watches land supply and can save Land expenses expenditure of residential development shortcuts, is to stabilize the price of housing prices and stability of the people’s livelihood, to eliminate the hidden dangers of the financial crisis and treatment of the real estate market bubble, low-income earners and other economic wounds of the best prescription.
The combination of road closures will encourage the city to follow the compact and low-density, high-volume development of new roads, and show a road with the majestic, so that the city is full of vitality and forward momentum.
City government through the management of state-owned assets, will build a stable new revenue channels, help to swiss replica watches abandon the land of financial crutches and stabilize the real estate market. Once the city government control a large number of high-quality real estate resources, there is strength and ability to control food, crude oil prices, as appropriate to control the real estate market.



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