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 In 1721, the British Parliament further enacted legislation, since 1705 after Christmas, “no matter who, in any dress, regardless of any use or wear any color, printing and dyeing of soft cotton, in the United Kingdom are illegal” Those who violate the law will be subject to a fine of £ 5. If the law is illegal, the rolex replica merchant will be subject to a fine of £ 20. In order for this policy to be effectively implemented, the British authorities also encourage citizens to report, the report can be paid 5 pounds. 1721 of the Act “effectively shut down the domestic market, blocking the further penetration of Asian textile”, in particular, “the British market eventually closed the door to the Indian soft cotton.” In 1774, the British Parliament officially declared: “In the Kingdom of Great Britain, anyone who uses or wears any new garment plutonium made of British textile cotton, whether it is clothes, home, furniture or other things, and whether it is monochrome or Color and printing and dyeing, all legal. “In the 1721 parliamentary opening ceremony, George I by the Cabinet, on the British economic policy made such a generalization:” the output of finished products and import raw materials, for the promotion of public welfare Is clearly no longer beneficial. “German economic historian Friedrich? “This is the dominant principle of British business policy for centuries,” Liszt said.

Recognizing the history of British economic development, we also understand why the founding president of the United States Washington in the inauguration of the day specially dressed in cloth clothes of the swiss replica watches profound intention. If you look at today’s US Obama administration in order to overcome the economic crisis and the implementation of national consumer goods policy encountered by the huge resistance, we can easily understand the 18th century the British government in the implementation of its own technology and market monopoly policy has been How much determination.

Lenin once said that the defeated army was able to learn. “Lenin ‘s view is applicable to all nations, and the defeated nation is able to learn,” Stalin said.

Britain is a small island country, it has been bullying by the European continent empire: the beginning by the ancient Roman bullies, followed by the French, the Spaniards, the Dutch bully, until the early 19th century, France Napoleon did not forget to conquer the United Kingdom. However, the British more and more furious, with the “iron and blood” means to implement its own innovative policy, with Friedrich? Liszt’s words are, “all the industries are monopolized in the hands of the motherland”, the productivity firmly in their own hands replica watches uk. So, we say that “free trade” is not the true nature of the British economy, the United Kingdom is a brutal, and even authoritarian way to monopoly and fortune. Britain to protect their own technology at the same time, but also the use of the continent of the turmoil will be a large number of French technicians to attract their own to use.

In this process, the countries of the European continent did not realize that there was also a struggle for autonomy and dependence on the path of capitalist development. In the short term, the cost of dependent roads is small, the Europeans, especially in the European continent in a strong position of the French, and the second half of the 18th century Russian Witt’s economic development ideas and the 1930s Soviet Bukharin economic thought , In the initial stage of industrialization, also tend to choose dependent and through temporary economic dependence gradually into the economic development path. At the beginning of the 19th century, France was an agricultural country. It saw the rise of Britain and wanted to carry out industrial transformation in its own country. But the French people did not realize that the choice of autonomous development was not a simple economic process. A political process that is full of struggle and requires a path of violence. At that time the French people think very simple: first with the French wine, handicrafts and other low value-added products with the British high-tech industrial products to exchange; so have their own money, and then bought the British industrial technology, so You can slowly realize the national industrialization. In the 1721 decree of the United Kingdom, France signed the “Eden Treaty” in 1786 and the United Kingdom, and Friedrich Liszt analyzed: “The idea of ​​their (France) is that if the British industrial (French import and export tax is reduced to 20%), so that the French wine and brandy can be sold in the UK, France suddenly able to restore prosperity. “French understanding of this treaty is like us Some scholars in previous years on China’s accession to the World Trade Organization (WTO) awareness, that the exchange of goods, to participate in each other’s market on it. In fact, even if the military factors that do not take into account the role of the final word in the game between the countries, the added value of the two products (high value-added goods in the UK and the low added value of goods in France) Equivalent “scissors difference” exchange. In this exchange, the French farmers to sell low value-added products, the more replica watches uk the more money, followed by a large number of French farmers bankruptcy. French farmers went bankrupt after the bankruptcy, so, the 1798 French Revolution broke out. This experience and lessons learned are also worth noting for China, which is participating in the process of globalization today.



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