Second, Liu Yiqian in the securities market investment, placards of those listed companies, have a central enterprise background or local state-owned background, which shows that Liu Yiqian his personal reform of replica watches uk state-owned bullish. That the future reform of state-owned enterprises is imperative, SASAC will attract private participation, do not rule out the possibility of allowing private capital to have the controlling interest in listed state-owned enterprises. Liu Yiqian wanted to reform the concept through the layout of state-owned enterprises, hoping to share in the future dividend in the dividend. As a long-term investment state-owned enterprises Liu Yiqian, for the Yangtze River Securities for a short time will not be too much of a profit.

Third, the securities license, for a “capital cheetah” title Liu Yiqian is flocking. On the one hand, if you can hold Changjiang Securities, it means that Liu Yiqian not only has the insurance license (Guohua Life), but also took replica watches uk a number of securities industry license, meaning that its business will be a substantial expansion.
On the other hand, through Liu Yiqian own accumulated more than 20 years of experience in the capital market and judgments on the capital market, to Changjiang Securities a good mechanism, should be able to rolex replica fight the Yangtze River Securities into a modern financial platform.

Of course, in order to become the actual controller of Changjiang Securities, is not sustained holdings of stocks can be obtained. Last year in March, when the chairman of Changjiang Securities vacancies, temporarily by the vice chairman of Changjiang Securities, Haier Group Vice President Cui Shaohua on behalf of the implementation. The industry believes that this may be paving the way for Liu Yiqian into the board of directors. But then, Changjiang Securities announced the official chairman of the candidates, thus overturning the board of directors of Liu Yiqian Changjiang Securities rumors.

Now, Liu Yiqian Although the major shareholder of Changjiang Securities, but the Hubei SASAC in a strong position. Changjiang Securities, the largest shareholder of Haier investment, as the industrial capital does not actually grasp the board of directors, in the sale of shares of Changjiang Securities, Hubei explicitly asked Haier investment must be transferred to the local enterprises Changjiang equity equity. Although, Liu Yiqian trying to get the actual control of the Yangtze River Securities, but the Hubei SASAC do not want to see the control of the only listed brokerage control next to the control.

For Liu Yiqian, in order to become the actual controller of Changjiang Securities, only another secluded Xi path. Liu Yiqian’s China Life has been backdoor Hubei listed company Tianmao Group, and Tianmao Group in Hubei deep plowing more than ten years, the future by Tianmao Group come swiss replica watches forward to take over the controlling stake in Changjiang Securities, the Hubei SASAC is more acceptable results. It is estimated that the next Liu Yiqian only by taking this road to complete its dream of holding Changjiang Securities.



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