Adidas AG Adidas Group’s strong growth is undoubtedly the rival’s market share was deprived of the price. According to market research firm NPD Group data, in January this year, the US sports shoes market Adidas Adidas brand share doubled to 10%, sales growth of 114%, while the Nike Nike / Jordan brand market share of a total of 45% By 4%. Last year Adidas Adidas brand has been re-catch up with Under Armor Andaman became the second largest sports brand in the United States, Under Armor Inc. Andrea founder and CEO Kevin Plank earlier this year has admitted that their products lack of fashion, resulting in a sharp decline in demand growth Slowdown, NPD Group said January group sales fell 25%, mainly  replica watches uk  because of the pillars of the weak demand for basketball shoes. Puma AG Puma and Adidas AG Adidas Group and Adidas Group to take a similar strategy, the same made the market satisfaction results, in January the US market footwear sales soared 45%.
Kasper Rorsted said in the performance meeting that their group is still in the North American market is catching up, he pointed out that although the United States accounted for 1/3 of the global sporting goods market, but the only one far behind Nike Inc. Nike Group market. The United States is at the top priority of the Adidas AG Adidas Group strategy, which will continue to swiss replica watches   “disproportionately increase” investment in the United States from personnel, infrastructure and marketing, and the country’s major retailer, Foot Locker Inc. (NYSE: FL) and Dicks Sporting Goods Inc. (NYSE: DKS) are optimistic about their prospects.
Although the global smart watch market has shown a shrinking overall, many manufacturers have withdrawn from the market or suddenly closed down, but Apple watches still get a lot of users, a smart watch market monopoly. Apple is likely to launch a third-generation watch this year, according to the replica watches  latest news, three generations of Apple watches are likely to launch a major upgrade to support the measurement of blood glucose levels.



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