“The interest rate on the campus loan is ridiculously high, and this number will increase with the bad debt rate is getting higher and higher, at the same time, the stability of the entire campus loan financial chain becomes worse, this is a vicious circle. High interest rates means high bad debts, high bad debt rolex replica means higher interest rates as the last part of the game, the poor college students are no home can be expected. “In Wang Jing view, there are many college students from this platform Borrow the money also the platform that money, this situation is not surprising, “the game can only play so at the end.” As a platform, he only care about their money can be recovered, as long as the last one can be a ” The
However, the reporter noted that in many of the official platform of the campus credit platform, the bad debt rate is less than 1%.

“Years ago, the state to cancel the bank for student credit card and student loans long-term losses, bad debt rate of  swiss replica watches official data up to 8%, which also shows the college students staging platform behind the hidden danger.” Wang Jing said.

Service charges are higher than interest rates

In addition, the campus loan platform there is a can not tell the students secret – service fees and other additional costs.

In general, the profitability of the campus loan platform is mainly by interest and service fees, there are some stages of shopping guide platform will receive channel purchase costs. In other words, the campus loan platform either from the P2P company loan interest rate back pressure to the students who either bargain with the electricity business, which is the campus loan “low-margin goods + high interest rates” or “high-margin commodity Low interest rate “profit model.

“Here, we do not discuss the campus loan platform and electric business between the roundabout, only between the platform and the students in the campus loan service, the cost of student loans generally include two aspects, on the replica watches uk one hand the interest on the loan, the other On the one hand is the service fee, handling fee, the cost of fees and other costs and the ‘interest rate as low as 0.99% per month’ ‘zero down payment, zero interest’ these words are too deep for college students are too attractive, some students only pay attention To low interest rates, but ignoring the high cost of comprehensive borrowing. “Wang Jing said, in fact, many campus credit platform are false propaganda. According to the survey, the pure campus loan platform, the annual lending rate is generally between 10% to 25%, installment shopping platform is also higher, most of the annual interest rate of more than 20%, and some platforms on the surface that is No interest, low interest, but the use of college students lack of financial management knowledge, some did not clearly explain the service fees, management fees, transaction fees and other expenses by the sum, even higher than the interest rate, in disguise increased interest rates, and some platform interest costs Up to 30%, there are usury suspected.



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