The smart

The smart watch these features for the user, in fact, not in the use of the necessary conditions under the watch, summed up, that is, we said tasteless. Take the information to inform the view, most people really need an “electronic dog”, anytime, anywhere to be able to view information, follow up the latest news? In the working hours to face a lot of information on the bombing of the replica watches uk case, smart watches this Function of the existence of more is actually to its users to bring pressure and social anxiety; look at health data. Heartbeat, the number of steps, sports data, everyone in the case of smart phones do not leave the body, in fact, through the phone can understand. Why must a smart watch to record it? And you can experience the phone on the part of the app part of the function is more tasteless. Limited by the size of the watch and memory, app need to be a lot of castration out of most of the features, you can use a few features, experience is not good, this time is not as good as the use of smart watches.
Does the smartphone provide these features that are really just what consumers need to be able to separate from their smartphones? From the feedback of most consumers, it’s not a small number of swiss replica watches smart watches that are bought, and finally The ending is being left in the corner. And even consumers think that the purchase of smart watches, is “spend money to buy the crime”, before buying full of rolex replica expectations, after buying back to experience but found that did not imagine the good, and even some features still need to use with the smart phone. The actual use of the experience is far below the expected value of the case, it is not difficult to understand why the smart watch shipments in the past two years did not much improvement.



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