way to return.

Although the lighting business on the development of intelligent lighting, high spirits, the prospects of a promising, great to show their fists into the trend; but the blueprint for the poor but the market is cold consumers do not buy it, sidelines, performance can be described as tepid. Consumer lighting business of the replica watches uk two words of the word, in the end the future development of intelligent lighting is the way to return.

Lighting business: the prospects of a promising to enter

International Internet of Things Trade and Application Promotion Association has issued a report that the next few years, China’s smart home market growth will continue to increase, to 2016 is expected to reach 29.17%, by 2017, China’s smart home industry market size will reach 80 billion The

Smart home prospects charm, but also to a lot of lighting companies have begun to put into research, to the intelligent era, intelligent lighting market will show a bright future by the industry unanimously optimistic. Many lighting companies leap a try, fried concept, to speed up the pace of development, to replica watches become the industry leader, drifting into the mature road.

Consumer groups: even close to the front is still far away

One side is the lighting business to promote high-tech, remote control, timing control and other advanced features, but consumers have said that with the traditional lighting intelligent lighting is a high figure, the letter of the luxury; no substantive breakthrough, just intelligent Products and lighting of the patchwork, piling up, combined with a lot of features do not have access.

Consumers on the formation of rolex replica intelligent lighting “not practical”, “with no change in ordinary lighting”, “poor experience”, “complex operation”, “maintenance of complex costs high” and other bad impression.

Intelligent lighting in the development process of a lot of money to study funding, and ultimately passed on to a consumer, paid by the consumer. In addition, most consumers think that in daily life, consumers are more concerned about the use of the function, and some of the advanced features and did not have a very wide range of interests.



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