ding to

ding to the total data show that this year’s 51 during the promotion of color TV retail sales of 1.76 million units, down 13.0%, sales of 6.4 billion yuan, down slightly by 2.5%. In addition, experienced a multi-round promotion in replica watches April bedding, 51 refrigerator, washing machine market shipping capacity is also declining.

For the rush in the sales line of home appliances, the old season and the off-season has become clear in the past. There are home appliances dealers laments: Now the situation is that there are always hard to fight, there is no chance of breathing, only to keep the position to fight to stay down.

Agitated for ten years
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“Fifty years ago, 51 and 11 are generally seven days off, with the leave system adjustment, and now only five days holiday.” In the home appliance industry observers Liang Zhenpeng view, in addition to the convenience of business platform attributes and The increase in artificial festivals, many social factors also affect the adjustment of the pace of home appliance market sales.

Anhui noble electrical Group Co., Ltd. direct sales center director Zhao Jiazeng said that ten years ago, the appliance market is still in the uplink channel, can be used to describe the sailing, that is, pigs can also fly in the air up. With the gradual slowdown in domestic economic growth, product popularity close to the peak, incremental space is close to the ceiling, the Chinese home appliance industry has entered into the era of upgrading, transformation of change. In such circumstances, wait for the customer to wait only to wait for the door, so the home appliance businessman businessmen frequently attack, promotion then promotions, festivals, the status quo can also be imagined.

Many household electrical appliance enterprises in charge of sales in the State Grid reporter said that in recent years, the pace of sales of the appliance market has undergone great changes, especially the rise of electricity and a variety of artificial festivals, “51” , “11” and other traditional home appliance market sales peak is being gradually diverted.

Off-season counterattack

Observing the historical evolution of the annual sales of the past decade, it can be found that, in contrast to the gradual decline of the swiss replica watches traditional peak season, the traditional off-season, such as June and November, is no longer the supporting role of the annual promotional drama , Its “meritorious service” has been gradually tied or even catch up with the traditional season.

China Yikang estimates the data, in May and October 2007 accounted for the proportion of annual sales were 11.6%, 11.8%, while in April only 6.1%, the lowest monthly for the month. By 2013, sales in April accounted for the proportion of gold can be completely paralyzed in May. Into the 2016, April sales accounted for 9.2%, has been achieved in May overtake, then the proportion of May fell to 8.2%, the importance has been reduced to the middle level throughout the year. Similarly, sales in October also fell year-on-year, falling from 11.8% to 9.0% in ten years.

Source: Zhongyikang

Zhongyi Kang analysis that the rise of the traditional off-season due to electricity business festival, the emerging festivals to stimulate the consumer’s desire to shop, ahead of the release of consumer demand. In addition, the brand manufacturers in these emerging festivals put on promotional efforts, but also replica watches uk allow consumers to enjoy as much as the traditional season when the discount, consumers have realized that the purchase of home appliances can no longer get together children.



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