ha dog and t

Not surprisingly, the alpha dog and the human race of the second go is a complete defeat of mankind ended. Relative to rolex replica last year’s human experience for the first time artificial intelligence shock, the results of this failure to the general feeling of a bit placid, before the game no one believes that humans can beat the Alpha dog, if last year we are betting on the Alpha dog can win, Then this year’s bet on whether humans can win the luck.

Unfortunately, this game with a chance to win the chance to play the Alpha dog is not to humans, it is precisely the control of the game situation and rhythm, win the first quarter of this minimum winning percentage, be it the last time to the human player Tribute, with Kejie words to describe, opponents now like Go “God”.
As the saying goes, the layman to watch the fun, expert line. The game seems to be in the crowd, but it is the first time that it replica watcheshas won the first time this year, win again and again nothing, after all, people can not and the car than the speed, the same people Lost to the machine brain is also normal. But in the eyes of professionals, this game reflects a lot of exciting and deep-level dynamic.

1, artificial intelligence is creative?

In the past, humans can proudly say that even if the rise of artificial intelligence is nothing terrible, because it does not have creativity. The game through the stage behind the confrontation that has proved that the Alpha dog is not only creative, and far beyond the human creativity, at least in the field of Go, no human dare to claim to be more creative than the Alpha dog.

So the first fantasy of mankind was shattered. In the future, in any professional field, artificial intelligence is a strong competitor, it not only has the extraordinary memory, reasoning, but also extraordinary creativity  replica watches uk and imitation. Not that a human career is that it is not competent, whether it is cottage or ingenuity, it will do more perfect than humans.



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