According to reports, some people at the scene to see China Unicom Huasheng general manager, as China Unicom terminal procurement portal, no doubt that China Unicom’s attitude.

In fact, not so much the Samsung S8 is the eyes of the three operators in the “meat and potatoes”, it would be better to say that the two sides benefit each other, have their own income. Three operators through the Samsung S8’s high popularity, combined with their own characteristics, the accumulation of replica watches uk new users, keep the old users; Samsung is a greater user interface, you can promote the product to more users.

The three operators are not on the mobile phone manufacturers have to provide such treatment, and perhaps only Samsung S8 star machine emperor have such a qualification, reminiscent of Steve Jobs era iPhone4 / 4S glorious period, and now Samsung S8 is expected to copy the same success.

In addition to operators who are also very concerned about these people
In addition to the Samsung S8 from the operator’s point of view, there are other people on the Samsung S8 on the degree of heart, but not weak. Such as the public channel of the major electricity providers, Jingdong, Lynx, Suning is rolex replica the first time to start selling, the three operators add up to tens of thousands of stores covered line channels, electricity business Bacheng online traffic channels are also pushing Samsung S8, have to say that this treatment, absolutely worthy of the word on the machine king.

Samsung S8 also blowing a wave in the foreign wave of hot, the United States even a large number of operators to come up with subsidies, and even buy two Samsung S8 chance to avoid one of replica watches them. Even Microsoft also joined the Samsung S8 boom, unprecedented launch of the Microsoft customized version of Samsung S8, and directly in the Microsoft store sales.



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