It is understood that the current home appliances holiday promotion has not only limited to electricity business section. In addition to the well-known “418” “618”, “815”, “double 11”, “double 12” and other conventional electric business promotion section, now also derived a “dishwasher festival”, ” “And so on. In addition, home appliance brand manufacturers are not far behind, but also created a number of brand days. And even has always been to defend, crack the theme of the “3.15” has become a promotional momentum of the battlefield.

Zhao Jia Zeng told reporters, in fact, in addition to the above “generous” promotional carnival, many brand manufacturers and retailers will do some “hidden” of the purchase will be. One is for dealers, enterprises timely introduction of star products and related preferential policies, through the joint rolex replica operation of the dealer group to detonate the market. The other is for internal staff and related relatives, in promoting the product sales at the same time the staff is also a welfare. Moreover, many companies will be in advance before the release of preferential policies, the existing market demand for early closure.

According to the US refrigerator sales manager, general manager of Wang Tianbao introduced, in fact, the United States and other swiss replica watches home appliances retailers every month will often engage in some similar to the United States, “Black Friday” form of activities, there is no so-called peak of the peak of the node that The.

In addition to the national leave system, electricity business festival carnival, enterprises continue to attack and other factors, home appliances in the family life status changes also affect the overall market rhythm.



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