Announced today that Gao Xiaodong is the executive director of the rolex replica Group and the 41-year-old Gao Xiaodong is the founder, executive chairman and chief executive officer of the Group. Gao Dekang, the executive director of the Company, is also the chairman of the Group’s subsidiary, Jiangsu Bosideng Garment Development Co., Ltd.

Gao Xiaodong joined Bosideng Co., Ltd. in 2002, joined the Bosideng Group in 2013 and is currently responsible for the Group’s Bosideng Men’s business.
In addition to Gao Dekang’s eldest son, Gao Xiaodong is one of the replica watches uk beneficiaries of The GDK Trust, a trustee established by Gao Dekang as the founder and Citigrust Private Trust (Cayman) Limited, and The GDK Trust holds 3,198,791,201 shares of Bosideng Group Shares, representing 29.94% of the Group’s issued shares.
According to the Bosideng Group, Gao Xiaodong is a senior economist and received a master’s degree in business administration from swiss replica watches Centenary College in the United States in 2009, and has extensive experience in the fields of clothing, highways, real estate and hotels.
In view of the recent mainland retail “second generation” succession of the “wave”, the appointment or for Gao Xiaodong took over the family business prelude.



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