For the OLED

For the OLED TV industry, the only supplier LG, the mobile phone on behalf of the small and medium-sized market investment replica watchesoutbreak, disrupting its prior layout of the layout of color TV large-size panel planning, must be an urgent increase in E5 / E6 two small and medium-sized line of investment. This affects the rapid development of OLED color TV industry. The same problem also appears in the BOE body.

Second, the current large-scale investment in OLED technology are more mature small and medium size panel “fill supply” as the main goal. OLED industry, although the scale of investment is great, but the real large-scale product investment only LG one. Industry companies pay more attention to the mobile phone as the representative of the small and medium size market – this, Apple’s oled control is a decisive factor.

For small and medium size OLED panel line, the panel business at least three good: 1. Apple take the lead application, the market replica watches uk demand is good and clear; 2. Product and technology maturity is high, the yield is good and clear; 3. Monomer production line investment scale is smaller than the large size line , But the unit display panel area output is higher than the large size line. These three factors determine the size of the market in the small size of the OLED, the priority investment in small and medium size is the best choice.
Third, OLED panel technology itself in the development of inkjet printing “talking between” is likely to mature. For the two processes of swiss replica watches steaming and inkjet printing, the usability gap between the two sizes is not great; however, the theoretical advantage of inkjet printing on the large size in three primary colors, cost, yield and so on is extremely great.



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