Operators and Samsung has been very close contact, mobile phone sales, open channels accounted for half of the country, the other half is the operator channel, and even the price of Samsung S8 is a carrier of swiss replica watches a province accident first exposed, but also just show Samsung and the relationship between operators.
As a leader of the operator, China Mobile is still in the production stage of S8 and Samsung reached a cooperation, Samsung S8 China Mobile 4G + version has long been a large area distribution, the official website also early on-line Samsung S8, almost and Samsung official at the same time Sale. No wonder some people say that China Mobile looks anxious than Samsung.
According to reports, some people at the scene to see China Unicom Huasheng general manager, as China Unicom terminal procurement portal, no doubt that  replica watches uk China Unicom’s attitude.
In fact, not so much the Samsung S8 is the eyes of the three operators in the “meat and potatoes”, it would be better to say that the two rolex replica sides benefit each other, have their own income. Three operators through the Samsung S8’s high popularity, combined with their own advantages, the accumulation of new users, keep the old users; Samsung is a greater user interface, you can promote the product to more users.



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