Since it is impossible to accurately count the household income of all farmers, it is not possible to accurately calculate whether each household income is below the subsistence allowances or poverty line based on a subsistence allowance or rolex replica poverty line delineated by a local government And that all poor households can be included in the government’s support.
In the case of subsistence allowances and poverty alleviation is a major national policy design, the state will generally rely on financial capacity to determine a policy and intensity of poverty alleviation and poverty alleviation, and therefore from top to bottom to pull a certain amount of financial funds, these top-down Financial funds become local guide subsistence allowances and poor households indicators, and then issued layers.

Guidance indicators and directive indicators are different, that is allowed to have some flexibility in local practice. In general, top-down, state-wide budgetary funds for subsistence allowances and poverty replica watches uk alleviation are relatively fixed and budgeted in advance each year, so there is bound to be a top-down distribution process.

The top-down mentoring program is almost the only way to be determined by community acquaintances when it is not possible to accurately calculate income so that it can not accurately identify subsistence allowances or poverty. Specific selection is generally applied by farmers, village review, villagers on behalf of the vote, county and township review to determine the procedures, one of the most important procedure is the villagers on behalf of the vote. In general, when the farmers apply for low-income households when the indicators (poor households are the same), the village is difficult to have no reason to review, and in the low-paid households occupy a certain proportion of households, Can only go through the field. And the swiss replica watches villagers on behalf of the vote only by the number of votes to determine the number of subsistence allowances, which is the lower limit assigned to the lower level of the minimum insurance index. For example, the lower level assigned to the village 50 minimum insurance indicators, it is necessary to vote by the villagers on behalf of the vote from high to low statistics, to the first 50 so far.



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