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“Vacuum period, we in the next outfitting and sea stone stage, at least three to five years time, the first aircraft carrier to have combat effectiveness, then in this period of time, that is, our naval face the biggest test period. “Scholar slowly said.
“You mean, beware of this time there will be a country to swiss replica watches find things?” Taoist asked
“Yes, this must beware of, you know, now we are not afraid of the sea of ​​provocation, two thousand kilometers of the sea we can use shore-based defense forces to protect the country, but now our foreign trade and military exchanges have been Far beyond this range, if someone would like to force us to replica watches uk ocean combat, then, has not yet formed a combat fleet of the aircraft carrier is our weakness, not out, it will cause criticism of domestic and foreign public opinion, but did not win Grasp, you say, this period of time, is not our most vulnerable time?
“If you say that it makes sense, but … …” Taoist some disapproval, thought and then said, “But, look at the world, who may be in the ocean waters of our provocation? If the only African and Middle East land turmoil , We simply do not need to rush to the aircraft carrier rush, alone ocean fleet can guarantee our withdrawal and overseas interests of the protection of this replica watches point, before the Yemen evacuation has been a good example of the aircraft carrier, The future to a stronger dark blue guarantee.

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“Although the will of an army is to determine the decisive factor in the victory of the war, but once the replica watch winning weapon, then the powerful Sword will also be able to better play out.Now, strong national strength, technological prosperity, the past need to be strong Of the fake watches naval construction, and now is already in the flow of free, which is enough to comfort the old generals in the days of the spirit of the domestic aircraft carrier’s water, but also indicates that China’s national defense strategy will enter a new era.
“Yes, with the domestic aircraft carrier into the water, China will also be followed into the international game into the deep water, that is, China also launched.
“China also launched?” Scholar was Taoist this metaphor confused a little two monks puzzled. Suddenly did not react.
“You think about it, with the growing strength of the Chinese navy, the kind of grandson development mode can go on? I’m afraid not, the future we can only show the strong side. This is not down to Is the uk replica watches international game in the deep water? “The priest explained.
“Ah, it is this reason.We can no longer do a low profile, and can only pull the sword forward, duty-free, forward horn has been sounded, the pace has been taken forward, bow no longer back arrow. But … … “scholar slightly pondered.
“But what?” Taoist some curious. Has not turned back, and what else?

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Scholar standing on the edge of the Bohai Sea, looking at the ship Chong Chong giant ship, such as brilliance of the general light, a moment that gently slipped into the water, firmly parked in the sea. Eyes can not replica watches uk help but shed two lines of tears. Side of the priests at this time is tears, can not self-sustaining.

I think, Liu Lao generals in the days of the spirit, must nodded tears, wish it. I would like to know how to do this, “Taoist said that when the US aircraft carrier on the US naval commander Liu Huaqing. He was a US aircraft carrier on the plane looking at the plane of the United States fighters have let countless Chinese children feel sadly sad, sad, and thus determined, determined to serve the country. At this point, when China’s first domestic aircraft carrier finally launched, Liu old generals in the days of the spirit should be enough to ease it

“Zhu Xi old man who did not expect, his one to persuade the poem, now even become a metaphor to describe the history of the replica watches development of the Chinese navy metaphor.” At this moment the scholar is still difficult to calm, said excitedly.

“In the past year, the Chinese navy was a poor man, the naval battle of Xisha in 1974, and our naval ships were merely cruising ships with Vietnamese cruisers and minesweeper, and our naval strength was not as good as that of Vietnam. Although the final victory of the naval battle, but the swiss replica watches sadness of which I think only the battle of the participants can understand it. “Taoist could not help but think of the then Xisha naval battle. Also thought of that piece of sad old Liu Lao tinghao look at the photos. He knows, Liu old generals looked forward to not only the Chinese aircraft carrier on the day of the water, it is the Chinese naval forces on the day strong, dark blue.

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If the implementation of the national national subject, in the embodiment of foreign exchanges is advocated in the strong national strength on the basis of China’s dominance in the premise of the implementation of compassionate far, Huairou foreigners, barbarians benevolent, Enwei, Create and constantly improve the friendly environment, making outsiders in the deep feeling of China’s strong national premise, but also personally experience the grace given by the Chinese kingdom to form and strengthen China’s appeal to other countries and peoples, strengthen the foreign, far People to China’s centripetal force, “Huaide Wei Wei”, and ultimately the formation of “universal”, “nations to North Korea” situation.
The so-called “nine days of Chang open the palace, the country crowned crown”, and this is the ancient dynasty dream of one of the replica watches flourishing symbol.
From the Han and Tang dynasties to the Qing dynasty, where the reunification of the grand dynasty, all will be “soft enough to” as “Sheng of the swiss replica watches Jia Mo”, involving foreign relations, including Western trade relations memorial and encyclical, full of “Huairou far People “,” Huiyuan far business “and the like, concerned about the protection of foreign life and property safety, reasonable planning of its tax burden, restricting the merchants of the non-standard, not good faith behavior, to foreign businessmen to create a good business environment.
Even if the Qing dynasty, which is usually considered to be a “closed-door policy” foreign policy, in its nearly two hundred years before the Opium War’s own decision-making period, its policy guidelines for the full restriction of foreign trade development are wrong, but still attached great importance to the fake watches Chinese and foreign Businessmen create a good business environment, especially in the security, business issues to give foreign equality and friendly treatment.

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At the same time, from the witness to the two or three years to the local comrades introduced, I also know that some Yiwu foreign Muslim foreign businessmen how to enjoy the pursuit of China’s free and open modern civilized life, even those long robes seemingly religious clergy exception.

It is based on these understandations that I have identified certain places as an excuse to “attract foreign Muslim businessmen” and create a “halal living environment” that is politically dangerous and politically dangerous.

“Thousands of war people living in China Zhejiang Yiwu made temporary residence permit” news in the readers around the country caused an uproar, in the final analysis, or because the public threat to the swiss replica watches threat, three forces penetrate increasingly vigilant, the departments should be fully understood, and to spur their own Continue to improve the work, and the public should avoid misunderstanding.

Whether it is for a country, or for a city, businessmen gathered to prosperity is the weather, Yiwu such a trade city, the popularity is life and death; we abandon the naive white small fresh thinking, but we should welcome legitimate businessmen to replica watches uk China The We are alert to the destruction of destructive forces, does not mean that we can not in the “harmony and” on the basis of peaceful coexistence with others.

From the larger historical span of the rolex replica study, one of the principles of traditional Chinese Confucian culture is advocating the king, against overbearing. This principle of Wangdao implementation of the individual, embodied in the Chinese cultural traditions particularly emphasis on personal introspection, self-discipline.


First, from the simple, after the treatment of pure treatment to the prevention, treatment, rehabilitation integration of pre-treatment mechanism forward, equal to the patient from the source into the health “safe.”
Second, from the “single to help alone” the primary treatment of technology to the integration of technical treatment, ecological treatment of space, human treatment of technology, environment, humanities and other system of “Army” combat upgrade. Not only put an end to the loss of the best cure period, the most critical is the level of systemic cure itself is higher than any other traditional treatment.
“Three library one” information system boost British Pu Le Fu 2017 internationalization, standardization, industrialization of the rolex replica three annual strategy
In order to achieve good treatment is expected, in addition to advanced science and technology of high-tech products, but also in the treatment process standardization and sophisticated management. To this end, the British Pu Le Fu relying on China’s Ministry of Industry and Electronic Planning Institute of strong resource platform and technical support to create China’s first set of biological sample information base, GMP cell preparation information management platform and patient tracking database in one of the ” Three library “a strong information treatment system, not only for the fake rolex global cancer patients to extend the life of the Gospel, but also for the world cancer treatment to provide more accurate scientific decision-making basis and information technology support. The third element – the immune cell preparation management platform can ensure the effectiveness of the rolex replica watches treatment process; the third is the first element of the “three library integration” information platform, the tumor biological sample library to ensure accurate analysis of the patient’s tumor type; Factor-patient efficacy tracking database ensures the therapeutic effect of the expected.


The so-called British Pu Le Fu cancer treatment 2.0, that is, triple precision treatment model and three-dimensional overall treatment mechanism as the core of the fake watches technical treatment integration on the basis of groundbreaking ecological treatment and humanization of the full range of human treatment, the whole industry chain , Healthy and innovative treatment system – British Pu Le Fu three-dimensional focus on swiss replica watches immune cell therapy system. Among them, the ecological treatment of space is not limited to the land of tourism therapy and vacation convalescence, but also includes the green ecological area of ​​respiratory purification therapy, but also in the depths of the ocean and space swim the coordination of human body function, ecological treatment formed a ” Land, sea and air armed forces side by side, “three-dimensional collaborative space innovation and treatment mechanism, because these means are technical treatment of integrated and beneficial to replica watch enhance the rehabilitation. Humanization treatment is independent of the integration of technical treatment and ecological treatment of the two treatment mechanisms, and beyond the traditional psychological counseling, emotional care, and then upgrade to work, study and lifestyle treatment, social interaction, emotional Care, music art and value faith full coverage of the humanistic treatment system.

Cancer treatment of the arrival of the era of 2.0, not only to subvert the single play alone and after the traditional treatment mechanism – cancer treatment 1.0 era of treatment philosophy limitations and treatment technology lag, more important in the following aspects :