Japan and China’s military conflict

    In fact, Japan and China’s military conflict, and even during World War II and before and after World War II, many of the geopolitical issues involving Sino-Japanese relations, behind the side is the Anglo-American forces, one is the Russian forces.

Due to a war after the defeat of Germany can not engage in heavy industry, then transfer the industry to invest in Russia. Therefore, before and after World War II, Germany and Russia in the objective of a certain industrial alliance, can not be imposed on Chamberlain’s “appeasement policy.” Only because the beginning of World War II Germany to lay the whole of Western Europe belong to industry isomorphism, the lack of energy and minerals, had to attack the east of Russia. The principle of the nature of the conflict in the industrial capital stage of the colonial powers’ dispute is equally applicable to Japan, and the situation of replica watches uk Japan and Germany is similar. Japan in the 1930s had been the US arms support, first to the north to fight the Soviet Union, but defeated the battle of Nomonhan, this back south. But also to replica watches lay the eastern coast of China did not get energy and raw materials, but has offended Europe and the United States, then had to attack the United States and Europe and Southeast Asia occupied the energy channel.

From the mid-19th century, East Asia suffered from colonial aggression and carving up to the present, the traditional industrial capital stage of the geopolitical strategy still has a great role or influence. Therefore, in this section of the first column, after the big country staged scenes, are not using Sino-Japanese relations can be a simple overview of the changes.

Because the modern history of East Asia was originally a history of a Western power game, whether from the powers of the dispute, or to the duopoly control, to the United States unilateral hegemony and Russia re-rise in East Asia interaction.

In addition, Japan is a typical East Asian aboriginal country, is a single nation rather than an immigrant country, the culture has a certain degree of conservation. But do not forget that the Japanese have a very hard core in the culture: the Japanese self-righteousness is the only country in the history of the West to promote colonial history to defeat the Caucasian people! The first defeat was Russia (of course, on the Chinese battlefield). The second defeat is Europe and the United States, the early days of World War II defeated the entire Western forces in Southeast Asia, has been hit them to the Indian border. The Japanese believe that in the history of the colonial history of colored people are oppressed by white people, to rolex replica beat the white people only Japan. Therefore, the Japanese people who pleaded guilty to the war far from the depths of the people to retain the national pride.

In the United States after the use of nuclear weapons in Japan to recognize the military failure after the global economic war, Japan as a almost no resources and no colonial export-oriented industrialized countries, long-term second in the world economy. Although GDP can not keep up with the United States, but Japan in 1990 the total manufacturing product was the world’s first, the degree of bubble much smaller than the United States. From this point of view, the Japanese have reason to be proud of the world’s national forest.

Chinese intellectual circles

  If the Chinese intellectual circles are radically incorporated into the irreversible trend of the capitalist fundamentalist path of development along the path of the “leftist infantile disease” in China, it is predicted that if the Chinese will happen in the case of zero zero growth, it will be a very unbearable The situation!

We study Japan, no right from China’s  rolex replica high growth status or the system of Europe and the United States, one-sided evaluation or even accuse Japan’s political economy is so bad, it should be replica watches  admitted that it still has a lot of retained East Asian experience worthy of our study, not now like this Most of the scholars who stand in Europe and the United States are measured by Western values.

The above analysis is worthy of our study on the one hand. However, there are other aspects of the Japanese, the Chinese even if it is difficult to learn from the study – the lack of sovereignty under the conditions of pragmatism foreign strategy – Japan, South Korea this geopolitical conflict caused by objective sovereignty of incomplete countries, but got The historical opportunity of “free ride” in the geopolitical confrontation between the United States and Russia to pass on the huge price of the export – oriented economy.

This is what I am doing now is a comparative study of the contents of the crisis, namely: hope to understand how many times since Japan’s industrialized economic crisis? What performance? What happens when the economic crisis occurs?

As we all know, all the post-industrialized countries, as long as they do not have the conditions of foreign colonization, have not only swiss replica watches had an economic crisis in their economic growth, especially in the process of industrialization, and only countries that can transfer the cost of the crisis can survive The so-called modern trap!


 The former soldiers into Tibet, the Minister of State Council and Jiuqing, etc. are collectively far away, the road sinister, and there is a miasma, can not suddenly, should be solid border. I take the replica watches uk Junggar people, etc., now occupy the possession of Tibet, harassment Tubert, Tang Gute people, and then the people of Tibet are near Yunnan, Sichuan border living, if the invasion of Tubo, but also encouraged the local people, Invasion of Qinghai, when it is difficult to aid, and can not take possession. [twenty one]

Kangxi that the chaos in Tibet will be linked to Sichuan, Yunnan, Qinghai and other regions, this side as a whole, its stability to the country will have a great threat. Kangxi realized that this is by no means accidental, because the Qing army before the Central Plains on the use of “take Beijing as cutting trees, must first cut from both sides, then the tree from the servant” [22] strategy, And replica watches   other local forces together collusion, alliances, and even soft and hard, and finally became the leader of the anti-Ming forces.

In 1616, the establishment of Jurchen Nurdie Nurhachu after the establishment of gold, 1636, Huang Taiji changed the country for the Qing Dynasty, 1644 Regent Duoergun led the Qing army into the same year, Shunzhi Emperor moved to swiss replica watches Beijing, from

The deep terrain

The deep terrain of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, which makes the Tibetan region natural contact with the Central Plains regime in China, is not linked to the South Asian subcontinent countries in the south, which makes Tibet a natural part of China. But also to China without the need for huge national defense investment in the southwest of the natural conditions of natural condescending geographical advantage. The area of ​​the Ali is located in the southwest border of China, east of the mountains of the west of Tanggula, connected with the area of ​​Nagqu; southeast and the south of the Gangdise Mountains in the Xigaze City Zhongba, Saga, Anren County border; north of the Kunlun Mountains, and Xinjiang Kashi, Hotan area adjacent; southwest connecting the western Himalayas, and Kashmir and India, Nepal adjacent. After independence from Pakistan and Burma under British rule, India’s relations with China have been geographically assured of peace. Throughout the replica watches uk two thousand years of China’s territory, the smallest change is the southwest of China and India border, the study of its reasons, not too, also can not: the north can not follow, the south up to keep. As a result, Alexander and Genghis Khan (1162 ~ 1227), which went to the upper reaches of the Indus, gave up plans to enter India.

The most able to explain this between China and India due to geographical environment caused by the law of peaceful communication is the rise of the seventh century AD in the Tubo Dynasty. The dynasty lasted more than 200 years, the most extensive rule of the West from the West (now Pamirs) and the big food (that is, in the southwest region of the Arab Empire) border, east of Gansu Province today, Longshan, the western edge of the Sichuan Basin North of the Tianshan Mountains, south of the Tianshan Mountains, south of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau and the northern sub-continent of the Himalayas (more than 8,000 meters above sea level) and Tianzhu (now the South Asian subcontinent) border. Rising in the Shannan area of ​​Tibet and quickly expanded to the north of the Tubo Dynasty, has been strong and replica watches   almost the Central Plains Tang Dynasty “on marriage”, even so, the Tubo Dynasty frontier “from the base to the south of India, But “across the most desolate and difficult areas of their territory, to the development of western China and Central Asia” [16], the same period the southern border of the Tubo dynasty has not been aggression in southern India; contrary to the Chinese Western region, Leaving more is not rolex replica a conflict, but the Tang Xuanzang West to Tianzhu country to learn the peace story. In this regard, Lattie Moore explained more powerful, he said, “in the Tibetan region, the mountains instead of the Great Wall” [17]; McKind’s geopolitical advantage of Tibet see clearly, he said:

the most


However, the most profound impact on the living environment of the Chinese ancestors is 80 million years ago Eurasian continent occurred “Yanshan movement” and 10 million years ago, “Himalayan orogeny.” Yes, due to the Indian plate from the south of the equator to subduction over the Eurasian continent collided, causing the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau and the Himalayas rapid uplift. The Qinghai-Tibet Plateau continues to rise rapidly, the increase rate of 1000 ~ 2500 meters, with the rising terrain, the climate gradually to the cold, dry direction of the development of the ice age, the rise of the Yangtze River, The climate is more severe, the Himalayas, the Gangdise Mountains, the Karakorum Mountains, the Tanggula Mountains, etc., at an altitude of 4000 to 5000 meters is already silver-inlaid piles, glaciers wide “[4]. This phenomenon and the “Huainanzi astronomical training,” said the “days of the northwest, so the sun and the moon moved to Yan; to dissatisfaction with the southeast, so the water spilled dust Ai Yan” [5] the situation coincides. The swiss replica watches original seawater from the East and West sides gradually receded. As the Indian land is carrying the Asian continent to form today China’s west high east low, three – if taking into account submerged in the East China Sea, under the Yellow Sea depth of 50 to 200 meters, an area of ​​about 1.1 million square kilometers of shallow water plain [6 ] Should be divided into four levels – the geographical situation of the drop.
The existence of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, to the survival and development of the Chinese nation with great influence, but also to the replica watches uk Chinese ancestors with a huge geographical imagination. The ancients did not know the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, only know the Kunlun Mountains [7]; or the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau known as the “Kunlun Mountains.” Wei Yuan “sea map” said the Kunlun Mountains as “mountains Taizu” [8], is the Eurasian continent among the “ancestors of the mountains” and “million holes”:

Confucianism, Kunlun, the interpretation of Ah Ah, all living in the earth. [9]

Know the Arab-island pool, then know the Heyuan, known to the river source, then know the Kunlun, according to the earth, when the nations of the channel, and the sink soaked in Wan Ren Feng Britain, sub-injection of the rolex replica  four seas, [10]

(Kunlun) mountain living in the middle, although the translation of different, and the inner mountains only sub-Asia, for the European mountains and mountains are not, that non-green and why? To the ancestors of thousands of mountains among the nations, that non-Kunlun and what? [11]

Fu Chinese in the east of the green onion, then the mountains from the west, the more the higher the West, as high as the green onion. Western in the onion Lingxi, then the mountains from east to east, the higher the higher, but also high from the green and began. [12]

The Qinghai-Tibet Plateau is the birthplace of the Yangtze River. The Qinghai-Tibet Plateau from the north Kunlun, south of the Himalayas, east from the cross mountains, west to the Karakorum. The Tibetan Plateau is the main part of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, with an area of ​​more than 1 million square kilometers, with an average elevation of 4000 meters. It is located in the southwest of the Asian continent, east of Sichuan, west of Kashmir Plateau, north of Kunlun Mountains – Tanggula Mountains, Altitude over 6,000 meters above the Himalayas. The main part of the Tibetan Plateau is in the territory of China’s Tibet Autonomous Region. China Tibet Ali region is the core of the Tibetan Plateau, is also the Himalayas, Gangdise and other mountains and the land of the Brahmaputra, the Indian River, the birthplace of the Ganges. The Qinghai-Tibet Plateau is the highest altitude plateau, known as the “roof of the world.”


Since it is impossible to accurately count the household income of all farmers, it is not possible to accurately calculate whether each household income is below the subsistence allowances or poverty line based on a subsistence allowance or rolex replica poverty line delineated by a local government And that all poor households can be included in the government’s support.
In the case of subsistence allowances and poverty alleviation is a major national policy design, the state will generally rely on financial capacity to determine a policy and intensity of poverty alleviation and poverty alleviation, and therefore from top to bottom to pull a certain amount of financial funds, these top-down Financial funds become local guide subsistence allowances and poor households indicators, and then issued layers.

Guidance indicators and directive indicators are different, that is allowed to have some flexibility in local practice. In general, top-down, state-wide budgetary funds for subsistence allowances and poverty replica watches uk alleviation are relatively fixed and budgeted in advance each year, so there is bound to be a top-down distribution process.

The top-down mentoring program is almost the only way to be determined by community acquaintances when it is not possible to accurately calculate income so that it can not accurately identify subsistence allowances or poverty. Specific selection is generally applied by farmers, village review, villagers on behalf of the vote, county and township review to determine the procedures, one of the most important procedure is the villagers on behalf of the vote. In general, when the farmers apply for low-income households when the indicators (poor households are the same), the village is difficult to have no reason to review, and in the low-paid households occupy a certain proportion of households, Can only go through the field. And the swiss replica watches villagers on behalf of the vote only by the number of votes to determine the number of subsistence allowances, which is the lower limit assigned to the lower level of the minimum insurance index. For example, the lower level assigned to the village 50 minimum insurance indicators, it is necessary to vote by the villagers on behalf of the vote from high to low statistics, to the first 50 so far.


Announced today that Gao Xiaodong is the executive director of the rolex replica Group and the 41-year-old Gao Xiaodong is the founder, executive chairman and chief executive officer of the Group. Gao Dekang, the executive director of the Company, is also the chairman of the Group’s subsidiary, Jiangsu Bosideng Garment Development Co., Ltd.

Gao Xiaodong joined Bosideng Co., Ltd. in 2002, joined the Bosideng Group in 2013 and is currently responsible for the Group’s Bosideng Men’s business.
In addition to Gao Dekang’s eldest son, Gao Xiaodong is one of the replica watches uk beneficiaries of The GDK Trust, a trustee established by Gao Dekang as the founder and Citigrust Private Trust (Cayman) Limited, and The GDK Trust holds 3,198,791,201 shares of Bosideng Group Shares, representing 29.94% of the Group’s issued shares.
According to the Bosideng Group, Gao Xiaodong is a senior economist and received a master’s degree in business administration from swiss replica watches Centenary College in the United States in 2009, and has extensive experience in the fields of clothing, highways, real estate and hotels.
In view of the recent mainland retail “second generation” succession of the “wave”, the appointment or for Gao Xiaodong took over the family business prelude.

For the OLED

For the OLED TV industry, the only supplier LG, the mobile phone on behalf of the small and medium-sized market investment replica watchesoutbreak, disrupting its prior layout of the layout of color TV large-size panel planning, must be an urgent increase in E5 / E6 two small and medium-sized line of investment. This affects the rapid development of OLED color TV industry. The same problem also appears in the BOE body.

Second, the current large-scale investment in OLED technology are more mature small and medium size panel “fill supply” as the main goal. OLED industry, although the scale of investment is great, but the real large-scale product investment only LG one. Industry companies pay more attention to the mobile phone as the representative of the small and medium size market – this, Apple’s oled control is a decisive factor.

For small and medium size OLED panel line, the panel business at least three good: 1. Apple take the lead application, the market replica watches uk demand is good and clear; 2. Product and technology maturity is high, the yield is good and clear; 3. Monomer production line investment scale is smaller than the large size line , But the unit display panel area output is higher than the large size line. These three factors determine the size of the market in the small size of the OLED, the priority investment in small and medium size is the best choice.
Third, OLED panel technology itself in the development of inkjet printing “talking between” is likely to mature. For the two processes of swiss replica watches steaming and inkjet printing, the usability gap between the two sizes is not great; however, the theoretical advantage of inkjet printing on the large size in three primary colors, cost, yield and so on is extremely great.


Operators and Samsung has been very close contact, mobile phone sales, open channels accounted for half of the country, the other half is the operator channel, and even the price of Samsung S8 is a carrier of swiss replica watches a province accident first exposed, but also just show Samsung and the relationship between operators.
As a leader of the operator, China Mobile is still in the production stage of S8 and Samsung reached a cooperation, Samsung S8 China Mobile 4G + version has long been a large area distribution, the official website also early on-line Samsung S8, almost and Samsung official at the same time Sale. No wonder some people say that China Mobile looks anxious than Samsung.
According to reports, some people at the scene to see China Unicom Huasheng general manager, as China Unicom terminal procurement portal, no doubt that  replica watches uk China Unicom’s attitude.
In fact, not so much the Samsung S8 is the eyes of the three operators in the “meat and potatoes”, it would be better to say that the two rolex replica sides benefit each other, have their own income. Three operators through the Samsung S8’s high popularity, combined with their own advantages, the accumulation of new users, keep the old users; Samsung is a greater user interface, you can promote the product to more users.

ha dog and t

Not surprisingly, the alpha dog and the human race of the second go is a complete defeat of mankind ended. Relative to rolex replica last year’s human experience for the first time artificial intelligence shock, the results of this failure to the general feeling of a bit placid, before the game no one believes that humans can beat the Alpha dog, if last year we are betting on the Alpha dog can win, Then this year’s bet on whether humans can win the luck.

Unfortunately, this game with a chance to win the chance to play the Alpha dog is not to humans, it is precisely the control of the game situation and rhythm, win the first quarter of this minimum winning percentage, be it the last time to the human player Tribute, with Kejie words to describe, opponents now like Go “God”.
As the saying goes, the layman to watch the fun, expert line. The game seems to be in the crowd, but it is the first time that it replica watcheshas won the first time this year, win again and again nothing, after all, people can not and the car than the speed, the same people Lost to the machine brain is also normal. But in the eyes of professionals, this game reflects a lot of exciting and deep-level dynamic.

1, artificial intelligence is creative?

In the past, humans can proudly say that even if the rise of artificial intelligence is nothing terrible, because it does not have creativity. The game through the stage behind the confrontation that has proved that the Alpha dog is not only creative, and far beyond the human creativity, at least in the field of Go, no human dare to claim to be more creative than the Alpha dog.

So the first fantasy of mankind was shattered. In the future, in any professional field, artificial intelligence is a strong competitor, it not only has the extraordinary memory, reasoning, but also extraordinary creativity  replica watches uk and imitation. Not that a human career is that it is not competent, whether it is cottage or ingenuity, it will do more perfect than humans.