For the OLED

For the OLED TV industry, the only supplier LG, the mobile phone on behalf of the small and medium-sized market investment replica watchesoutbreak, disrupting its prior layout of the layout of color TV large-size panel planning, must be an urgent increase in E5 / E6 two small and medium-sized line of investment. This affects the rapid development of OLED color TV industry. The same problem also appears in the BOE body.

Second, the current large-scale investment in OLED technology are more mature small and medium size panel “fill supply” as the main goal. OLED industry, although the scale of investment is great, but the real large-scale product investment only LG one. Industry companies pay more attention to the mobile phone as the representative of the small and medium size market – this, Apple’s oled control is a decisive factor.

For small and medium size OLED panel line, the panel business at least three good: 1. Apple take the lead application, the market replica watches uk demand is good and clear; 2. Product and technology maturity is high, the yield is good and clear; 3. Monomer production line investment scale is smaller than the large size line , But the unit display panel area output is higher than the large size line. These three factors determine the size of the market in the small size of the OLED, the priority investment in small and medium size is the best choice.
Third, OLED panel technology itself in the development of inkjet printing “talking between” is likely to mature. For the two processes of swiss replica watches steaming and inkjet printing, the usability gap between the two sizes is not great; however, the theoretical advantage of inkjet printing on the large size in three primary colors, cost, yield and so on is extremely great.



Operators and Samsung has been very close contact, mobile phone sales, open channels accounted for half of the country, the other half is the operator channel, and even the price of Samsung S8 is a carrier of swiss replica watches a province accident first exposed, but also just show Samsung and the relationship between operators.
As a leader of the operator, China Mobile is still in the production stage of S8 and Samsung reached a cooperation, Samsung S8 China Mobile 4G + version has long been a large area distribution, the official website also early on-line Samsung S8, almost and Samsung official at the same time Sale. No wonder some people say that China Mobile looks anxious than Samsung.
According to reports, some people at the scene to see China Unicom Huasheng general manager, as China Unicom terminal procurement portal, no doubt that  replica watches uk China Unicom’s attitude.
In fact, not so much the Samsung S8 is the eyes of the three operators in the “meat and potatoes”, it would be better to say that the two rolex replica sides benefit each other, have their own income. Three operators through the Samsung S8’s high popularity, combined with their own advantages, the accumulation of new users, keep the old users; Samsung is a greater user interface, you can promote the product to more users.

ha dog and t

Not surprisingly, the alpha dog and the human race of the second go is a complete defeat of mankind ended. Relative to rolex replica last year’s human experience for the first time artificial intelligence shock, the results of this failure to the general feeling of a bit placid, before the game no one believes that humans can beat the Alpha dog, if last year we are betting on the Alpha dog can win, Then this year’s bet on whether humans can win the luck.

Unfortunately, this game with a chance to win the chance to play the Alpha dog is not to humans, it is precisely the control of the game situation and rhythm, win the first quarter of this minimum winning percentage, be it the last time to the human player Tribute, with Kejie words to describe, opponents now like Go “God”.
As the saying goes, the layman to watch the fun, expert line. The game seems to be in the crowd, but it is the first time that it replica watcheshas won the first time this year, win again and again nothing, after all, people can not and the car than the speed, the same people Lost to the machine brain is also normal. But in the eyes of professionals, this game reflects a lot of exciting and deep-level dynamic.

1, artificial intelligence is creative?

In the past, humans can proudly say that even if the rise of artificial intelligence is nothing terrible, because it does not have creativity. The game through the stage behind the confrontation that has proved that the Alpha dog is not only creative, and far beyond the human creativity, at least in the field of Go, no human dare to claim to be more creative than the Alpha dog.

So the first fantasy of mankind was shattered. In the future, in any professional field, artificial intelligence is a strong competitor, it not only has the extraordinary memory, reasoning, but also extraordinary creativity  replica watches uk and imitation. Not that a human career is that it is not competent, whether it is cottage or ingenuity, it will do more perfect than humans.

The smart watch these

The smart watch these features for the user, in fact, not in the use of the necessary conditions under the watch, summed up, that is, we said tasteless. Take the information to inform the view, most people really need an “electronic dog”, anytime, anywhere to be able to view information, follow up the latest news? In the working hours to face a lot of information on the bombing of the replica watches uk case, smart watches this Function of the existence of more is to give its users pressure and social anxiety; look at health data. Heartbeat, the number of steps, sports data, everyone in the case of smart phones do not leave the body, in fact, through the phone can understand. Why must a smart watch to record it? And you can experience the phone on the part of the app part of the function is more tasteless. Limited by the size of the watch and memory, app need to be a lot of castration out of most of the features, you can use a few features, experience is not good, this time is not as good as the use of smart watches.
Does the smartphone provide these features that are really just what consumers need to be able to separate from their smartphones? From the feedback of most consumers, it’s not a small number of smart watches that are bought, and finally The ending is being left in the corner. And even consumers rolex replica think that the purchase of smart watches, is “spend money to buy the crime”, before buying full of expectations, after buying back to experience but found that did not imagine the good, and even some features still need to use with the smart phone. The actual use of the experience is far below the expected value of the case, it is not difficult to understand why the smart watch shipments in the past two years did not much improvement.

Endurance is poor, difficult to solve

In addition to the function, the smart watch another criticized the problem is that it’s endurance. And mechanical watches only need daily life Hand swing the energy can be maintained forever running without the need to swiss replica watches provide additional energy storage supplement compared to the smart watch Although there are many manufacturers can do the battery can support last month’s life, for the user to Said, in fact, some vaguely worried, who knows when the smart watch suddenly no electricity. And terrible is that once the smart watch no electricity, really not as good as a mechanical watch.


It is understood that the current home appliances holiday promotion has not only limited to electricity business section. In addition to the well-known “418” “618”, “815”, “double 11”, “double 12” and other conventional electric business promotion section, now also derived a “dishwasher festival”, ” “And so on. In addition, home appliance brand manufacturers are not far behind, but also created a number of brand days. And even has always been to defend, crack the theme of the “3.15” has become a promotional momentum of the battlefield.

Zhao Jia Zeng told reporters, in fact, in addition to the above “generous” promotional carnival, many brand manufacturers and retailers will do some “hidden” of the purchase will be. One is for dealers, enterprises timely introduction of star products and related preferential policies, through the joint rolex replica operation of the dealer group to detonate the market. The other is for internal staff and related relatives, in promoting the product sales at the same time the staff is also a welfare. Moreover, many companies will be in advance before the release of preferential policies, the existing market demand for early closure.

According to the US refrigerator sales manager, general manager of Wang Tianbao introduced, in fact, the United States and other swiss replica watches home appliances retailers every month will often engage in some similar to the United States, “Black Friday” form of activities, there is no so-called peak of the peak of the node that The.

In addition to the national leave system, electricity business festival carnival, enterprises continue to attack and other factors, home appliances in the family life status changes also affect the overall market rhythm.

ding to

ding to the total data show that this year’s 51 during the promotion of color TV retail sales of 1.76 million units, down 13.0%, sales of 6.4 billion yuan, down slightly by 2.5%. In addition, experienced a multi-round promotion in replica watches April bedding, 51 refrigerator, washing machine market shipping capacity is also declining.

For the rush in the sales line of home appliances, the old season and the off-season has become clear in the past. There are home appliances dealers laments: Now the situation is that there are always hard to fight, there is no chance of breathing, only to keep the position to fight to stay down.

Agitated for ten years
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“Fifty years ago, 51 and 11 are generally seven days off, with the leave system adjustment, and now only five days holiday.” In the home appliance industry observers Liang Zhenpeng view, in addition to the convenience of business platform attributes and The increase in artificial festivals, many social factors also affect the adjustment of the pace of home appliance market sales.

Anhui noble electrical Group Co., Ltd. direct sales center director Zhao Jiazeng said that ten years ago, the appliance market is still in the uplink channel, can be used to describe the sailing, that is, pigs can also fly in the air up. With the gradual slowdown in domestic economic growth, product popularity close to the peak, incremental space is close to the ceiling, the Chinese home appliance industry has entered into the era of upgrading, transformation of change. In such circumstances, wait for the customer to wait only to wait for the door, so the home appliance businessman businessmen frequently attack, promotion then promotions, festivals, the status quo can also be imagined.

Many household electrical appliance enterprises in charge of sales in the State Grid reporter said that in recent years, the pace of sales of the appliance market has undergone great changes, especially the rise of electricity and a variety of artificial festivals, “51” , “11” and other traditional home appliance market sales peak is being gradually diverted.

Off-season counterattack

Observing the historical evolution of the annual sales of the past decade, it can be found that, in contrast to the gradual decline of the swiss replica watches traditional peak season, the traditional off-season, such as June and November, is no longer the supporting role of the annual promotional drama , Its “meritorious service” has been gradually tied or even catch up with the traditional season.

China Yikang estimates the data, in May and October 2007 accounted for the proportion of annual sales were 11.6%, 11.8%, while in April only 6.1%, the lowest monthly for the month. By 2013, sales in April accounted for the proportion of gold can be completely paralyzed in May. Into the 2016, April sales accounted for 9.2%, has been achieved in May overtake, then the proportion of May fell to 8.2%, the importance has been reduced to the middle level throughout the year. Similarly, sales in October also fell year-on-year, falling from 11.8% to 9.0% in ten years.

Source: Zhongyikang

Zhongyi Kang analysis that the rise of the traditional off-season due to electricity business festival, the emerging festivals to stimulate the consumer’s desire to shop, ahead of the release of consumer demand. In addition, the brand manufacturers in these emerging festivals put on promotional efforts, but also replica watches uk allow consumers to enjoy as much as the traditional season when the discount, consumers have realized that the purchase of home appliances can no longer get together children.


According to reports, some people at the scene to see China Unicom Huasheng general manager, as China Unicom terminal procurement portal, no doubt that China Unicom’s attitude.

In fact, not so much the Samsung S8 is the eyes of the three operators in the “meat and potatoes”, it would be better to say that the two sides benefit each other, have their own income. Three operators through the Samsung S8’s high popularity, combined with their own characteristics, the accumulation of replica watches uk new users, keep the old users; Samsung is a greater user interface, you can promote the product to more users.

The three operators are not on the mobile phone manufacturers have to provide such treatment, and perhaps only Samsung S8 star machine emperor have such a qualification, reminiscent of Steve Jobs era iPhone4 / 4S glorious period, and now Samsung S8 is expected to copy the same success.

In addition to operators who are also very concerned about these people
In addition to the Samsung S8 from the operator’s point of view, there are other people on the Samsung S8 on the degree of heart, but not weak. Such as the public channel of the major electricity providers, Jingdong, Lynx, Suning is rolex replica the first time to start selling, the three operators add up to tens of thousands of stores covered line channels, electricity business Bacheng online traffic channels are also pushing Samsung S8, have to say that this treatment, absolutely worthy of the word on the machine king.

Samsung S8 also blowing a wave in the foreign wave of hot, the United States even a large number of operators to come up with subsidies, and even buy two Samsung S8 chance to avoid one of replica watches them. Even Microsoft also joined the Samsung S8 boom, unprecedented launch of the Microsoft customized version of Samsung S8, and directly in the Microsoft store sales.