Chinese intellectual circles

  If the Chinese intellectual circles are radically incorporated into the irreversible trend of the capitalist fundamentalist path of development along the path of the “leftist infantile disease” in China, it is predicted that if the Chinese will happen in the case of zero zero growth, it will be a very unbearable The situation!

We study Japan, no right from China’s  rolex replica high growth status or the system of Europe and the United States, one-sided evaluation or even accuse Japan’s political economy is so bad, it should be replica watches  admitted that it still has a lot of retained East Asian experience worthy of our study, not now like this Most of the scholars who stand in Europe and the United States are measured by Western values.

The above analysis is worthy of our study on the one hand. However, there are other aspects of the Japanese, the Chinese even if it is difficult to learn from the study – the lack of sovereignty under the conditions of pragmatism foreign strategy – Japan, South Korea this geopolitical conflict caused by objective sovereignty of incomplete countries, but got The historical opportunity of “free ride” in the geopolitical confrontation between the United States and Russia to pass on the huge price of the export – oriented economy.

This is what I am doing now is a comparative study of the contents of the crisis, namely: hope to understand how many times since Japan’s industrialized economic crisis? What performance? What happens when the economic crisis occurs?

As we all know, all the post-industrialized countries, as long as they do not have the conditions of foreign colonization, have not only swiss replica watches had an economic crisis in their economic growth, especially in the process of industrialization, and only countries that can transfer the cost of the crisis can survive The so-called modern trap!


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