Japan and China’s military conflict

    In fact, Japan and China’s military conflict, and even during World War II and before and after World War II, many of the geopolitical issues involving Sino-Japanese relations, behind the side is the Anglo-American forces, one is the Russian forces.

Due to a war after the defeat of Germany can not engage in heavy industry, then transfer the industry to invest in Russia. Therefore, before and after World War II, Germany and Russia in the objective of a certain industrial alliance, can not be imposed on Chamberlain’s “appeasement policy.” Only because the beginning of World War II Germany to lay the whole of Western Europe belong to industry isomorphism, the lack of energy and minerals, had to attack the east of Russia. The principle of the nature of the conflict in the industrial capital stage of the colonial powers’ dispute is equally applicable to Japan, and the situation of replica watches uk Japan and Germany is similar. Japan in the 1930s had been the US arms support, first to the north to fight the Soviet Union, but defeated the battle of Nomonhan, this back south. But also to replica watches lay the eastern coast of China did not get energy and raw materials, but has offended Europe and the United States, then had to attack the United States and Europe and Southeast Asia occupied the energy channel.

From the mid-19th century, East Asia suffered from colonial aggression and carving up to the present, the traditional industrial capital stage of the geopolitical strategy still has a great role or influence. Therefore, in this section of the first column, after the big country staged scenes, are not using Sino-Japanese relations can be a simple overview of the changes.

Because the modern history of East Asia was originally a history of a Western power game, whether from the powers of the dispute, or to the duopoly control, to the United States unilateral hegemony and Russia re-rise in East Asia interaction.

In addition, Japan is a typical East Asian aboriginal country, is a single nation rather than an immigrant country, the culture has a certain degree of conservation. But do not forget that the Japanese have a very hard core in the culture: the Japanese self-righteousness is the only country in the history of the West to promote colonial history to defeat the Caucasian people! The first defeat was Russia (of course, on the Chinese battlefield). The second defeat is Europe and the United States, the early days of World War II defeated the entire Western forces in Southeast Asia, has been hit them to the Indian border. The Japanese believe that in the history of the colonial history of colored people are oppressed by white people, to rolex replica beat the white people only Japan. Therefore, the Japanese people who pleaded guilty to the war far from the depths of the people to retain the national pride.

In the United States after the use of nuclear weapons in Japan to recognize the military failure after the global economic war, Japan as a almost no resources and no colonial export-oriented industrialized countries, long-term second in the world economy. Although GDP can not keep up with the United States, but Japan in 1990 the total manufacturing product was the world’s first, the degree of bubble much smaller than the United States. From this point of view, the Japanese have reason to be proud of the world’s national forest.


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