The former soldiers into Tibet, the Minister of State Council and Jiuqing, etc. are collectively far away, the road sinister, and there is a miasma, can not suddenly, should be solid border. I take the replica watches uk Junggar people, etc., now occupy the possession of Tibet, harassment Tubert, Tang Gute people, and then the people of Tibet are near Yunnan, Sichuan border living, if the invasion of Tubo, but also encouraged the local people, Invasion of Qinghai, when it is difficult to aid, and can not take possession. [twenty one]

Kangxi that the chaos in Tibet will be linked to Sichuan, Yunnan, Qinghai and other regions, this side as a whole, its stability to the country will have a great threat. Kangxi realized that this is by no means accidental, because the Qing army before the Central Plains on the use of “take Beijing as cutting trees, must first cut from both sides, then the tree from the servant” [22] strategy, And replica watches   other local forces together collusion, alliances, and even soft and hard, and finally became the leader of the anti-Ming forces.

In 1616, the establishment of Jurchen Nurdie Nurhachu after the establishment of gold, 1636, Huang Taiji changed the country for the Qing Dynasty, 1644 Regent Duoergun led the Qing army into the same year, Shunzhi Emperor moved to swiss replica watches Beijing, from



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