The deep terrain

The deep terrain of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, which makes the Tibetan region natural contact with the Central Plains regime in China, is not linked to the South Asian subcontinent countries in the south, which makes Tibet a natural part of China. But also to China without the need for huge national defense investment in the southwest of the natural conditions of natural condescending geographical advantage. The area of ​​the Ali is located in the southwest border of China, east of the mountains of the west of Tanggula, connected with the area of ​​Nagqu; southeast and the south of the Gangdise Mountains in the Xigaze City Zhongba, Saga, Anren County border; north of the Kunlun Mountains, and Xinjiang Kashi, Hotan area adjacent; southwest connecting the western Himalayas, and Kashmir and India, Nepal adjacent. After independence from Pakistan and Burma under British rule, India’s relations with China have been geographically assured of peace. Throughout the replica watches uk two thousand years of China’s territory, the smallest change is the southwest of China and India border, the study of its reasons, not too, also can not: the north can not follow, the south up to keep. As a result, Alexander and Genghis Khan (1162 ~ 1227), which went to the upper reaches of the Indus, gave up plans to enter India.

The most able to explain this between China and India due to geographical environment caused by the law of peaceful communication is the rise of the seventh century AD in the Tubo Dynasty. The dynasty lasted more than 200 years, the most extensive rule of the West from the West (now Pamirs) and the big food (that is, in the southwest region of the Arab Empire) border, east of Gansu Province today, Longshan, the western edge of the Sichuan Basin North of the Tianshan Mountains, south of the Tianshan Mountains, south of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau and the northern sub-continent of the Himalayas (more than 8,000 meters above sea level) and Tianzhu (now the South Asian subcontinent) border. Rising in the Shannan area of ​​Tibet and quickly expanded to the north of the Tubo Dynasty, has been strong and replica watches   almost the Central Plains Tang Dynasty “on marriage”, even so, the Tubo Dynasty frontier “from the base to the south of India, But “across the most desolate and difficult areas of their territory, to the development of western China and Central Asia” [16], the same period the southern border of the Tubo dynasty has not been aggression in southern India; contrary to the Chinese Western region, Leaving more is not rolex replica a conflict, but the Tang Xuanzang West to Tianzhu country to learn the peace story. In this regard, Lattie Moore explained more powerful, he said, “in the Tibetan region, the mountains instead of the Great Wall” [17]; McKind’s geopolitical advantage of Tibet see clearly, he said:


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