You are always an extremely active classmate in class. Class is always a positive answer to the teacher’s questions, after class and we labeled one, but also love to sing popular

songs, and later you also teach you to sing Jay Chou’s song it Of course, there are shortcomings, that is, like to eat snacks in the following, but also love to speak a whisper. I sit

behind you, but see clearly. It is also strange that you did not listen to the following, but the teacher mentioned that you ask, you can still be correct to answer up, it is up to now still

let me admire. So the teacher is still quite like your And I really do not love speech, quiet terrible, not even I will not pay attention to the people.

Once, after class, you suddenly turned to ask me just the teacher about the math problem, really took me off. How can you ask me, God knows, I was a mess of math ah I am

hesitated to say that the teacher just I do not understand, is copying notes. Did you say that your class is not very serious? Then you take a note to see me ah. I said yes. You go out

and play with other students. If you had a little attention, then my face was long red, and I could feel my face was burning. This damn face, always do not listen to fake watches my control, for no

reason red Of course, still a little vanity, I put that note to replica watches  do extra careful. Since then I have done my notes very seriously. Because i do not know when you will take notes from me.

Later, you often do nothing and talk to us later. Because you are too active, the same table is a bit annoying, and I was not so think. I feel that your words will always make me .
smile. Every time you have not walked into the classroom, I can feel that you are here. And I will not consciously pay attention to your words and deeds.

The school to hold the swiss replica watches fall games, and I know you signed up. Do you know why occasionally you can meet me in the morning playground? Actually, not occasionally, but I know you

are going to run every morning after morning, because I know you will be there.



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